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Extreme Pamplona

Extreme Pamplona is the game that fully describes the essence of parkour. It’s all about the drive rushing out of a soul. In the end you have a chance to feel the whole essence of parkour in a sweet comfort of home. Amazing gameplay will not leave you indifferent. The story of protagonist develops in different countries, and each time he has to run away from someone. Your task it to help him escape. Each level has its unique pursuer belonging to peculiarities of each country.

For example, in Spain you need to get away from the bull that has a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Then the story gets even funnier in the Netherlands- you have to run away from some abnormal ladies, in France from the hunchback Quasimodo, jumping over gargoyle statues .To sum up, the farther you pass the more interesting It gets. But remember: in case our runner fails to get away from his enemy, he will have to start race all over again. Totally there are nine levels, each corresponding to a certain country. The Extreme Pamplona protagonist must excellently control his body. After all, the only tool for any parkourist is his own body, as the ideology of parkour says that there is no need in any supporting items. Any player who controls the parkourist is demanded to have superior reaction. In French, the word Parkour means “road with obstacles “. If you are a real fan of adrenaline, this game is created for you, it will help you release the beast and will give a lot of positive emotions. A character can run left, right and jump. Running – arrow keys left and right, jump – up arrow or space. Have a nice rest.

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