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About Extreme Pamplona

Extreme Pamplona

Game is based on the running of the bulls that takes place in Pamplona, Spain every year. The goal is to reach the finish line without being skewered by an angry bull (or other odd characters that see fit to chase you) pursuing you down the street. It is a fast paced, exciting game that is plenty challenging and the speed increases as you go. Watch out for obstacles as you go like crates, barrels and food stands. They'll slow the down your pursuer, but will also slow you down if you don't time your jumps accordingly. As you beat each level you can choose a different country to visit where you will run from something different over different obstacles in a completely different setting. There are nine countries in total to visit and you can play five levels each time, so you can change it up every time you play. You start and end in Spain. Some of the countries are harder than others and involve climbing and jumping to different platforms, even going backwards while dodging whomever is chasing you. Extreme Pamplona was created as a promotional game for Sure for Men Deodorant.


The controls are simple. Just use the left and right arrow keys to run and either the up arrow key or Spacebar to jump over obstacles like crates, kegs and food stands depending on the level. Click on the question mark on the title page of the game and it will also show you the instructions.

Tips and Tricks

In the first level, you can also jump onto the red awnings and bounce off to get farther ahead of the bull, so try to get to those. Don't worry about jumping over the men with big heads and silly hats that are also running in the street because they won't actually get in your way, but it can ruin the timing of your other jumps. If you have the United Kingdom as your third level then be aware that the finish line is on a higher platform and you may have to go backwards to get there if you ended up on a lower one as you were running. Grab onto the swinging construction hook.

Thanks for Playing!

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